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Battery maintenance of electric vehicle

Publisher:adminTime:2020-07-10 01:31:56861


Avoid exposure to new energy vehicles, and it is best not to expose them to the sun without shelter. In high temperature environment, the internal pressure of electric vehicle battery will increase under the influence of temperature, forcing the battery pressure limiting valve to open, resulting in battery water loss, reducing battery activity, accelerating plate aging and shortening battery life. Master the charging time, overcharging will shorten the battery life. Therefore, in the process of charging, reasonable charging time should be arranged according to the actual situation of the vehicle, normal use frequency and driving distance. Please charge the battery before the indicator light of the blood glucose meter is on to avoid excessive discharge and damage to the battery. Keep the power pack away from the water. Although the car has good waterproof and sealing properties, it is better not to put the high-pressure water gun directly into the power battery for cleaning when cleaning the electric vehicle, otherwise, it is likely that the water short circuit will be caused by the poor sealing of some parts. Do not park the vehicle in open or low-lying areas, including when it is raining. If the power battery pack is flooded, it should be sent to repair in time. Therefore, in the process of electric vehicle cleaning, attention should be paid to the pressure of cleaning parts and high-pressure water gun. Storage should not be in a state of loss. When the battery is stored, it can not be in the power-off state, that is, the vehicle can not charge the battery in time after using the electric vehicle. The batteries stored in this state are prone to sulfation, and lead sulfate crystals adhere to the plate, blocking the capacity of the ion channel and reducing the charge. Therefore, the battery should be fully charged before storage, preferably once a month, to better maintain the health of the battery. In addition, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, please disconnect the negative pole of the battery to avoid the battery running out.
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