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Continuous casting and rolling of battery grid

Publisher:adminTime:2020-07-10 01:42:06985


The application of battery grid in continuous casting and rolling is far more efficient than that of gravity casting, and promotes the development of sheet manufacturing. The mold is mainly composed of two parts, mold and mold. When the continuous caster is in working state, the dynamic model begins to rotate with the continuous caster, and the mold is continuously cast under the rotation of dynamic model, Until casting is completed. The key factor to decide whether the continuous caster can work normally is the clamping mechanism, which is mainly used to generate tension, so that the grid can be taken out of the mold smoothly. In addition, as the rubber material itself is likely to deform, the appearance of the plate will inevitably be affected in the extrusion process, which will cause deformation. In order to avoid this phenomenon, burr will be produced in the casting process to avoid the occurrence of burr and further damage to the plate.
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